Weight Loss Success Stories & Physique Transofrmations

weight loss success story
“I have struggled with my weight for years and tried all the fad diets, detoxes and cleanses you can imagine. I thought that I was destined to be over 200lbs for the rest of my life!

I started working with Dave as my Personal Trainer in 2018; in the space of just over 9months I had lost 47lbs in weight and had established a much healthier way of life.

Dave was very supportive and reassuring the whole way through my weight loss. After the loss he has helped me to speed up my metabolism and increase my food intake while maintaining my new lower weight”
Joanne Yeoh
Personal Training Client
Weight Loss Client
“The Coronavirus Lockdown here in London has been a challenge, but also a benefit at the same time. Working from home since March and not drinking alcohol helped me lose a bit of weight. Being a big guy (and I mean a really big guy) this motivated me to take it further.

I began working with Dave Hoskins as my Personal Trainer in March 2020. Dave is incredibly professional, supportive, knowledgeable and non judgemental. He has given me guidance on food intake, nutrition values and meal timing.

Since I started following the meal plan Dave gave to me, my energy levels have increased and I have lost 60lbs in 5 months! All without the hunger I felt doing diets in the past. I know this is just the beginning and I fully recommend Dave to anyone that wants to achieve new levels of health and fitness."
Timmy B
Personal Training Client
Muscle Building Transformation
“After spending a couple of years working out and building a decent amount of muscle, I had stalled out in size and strength and had a bit of excess fat that I wanted to lose

I started working with Dave as my Online Coach in January 2020. With his knowledge of nutrition I was able to lose 14lbs of fat while retaining (and even gaining) muscle size.

I have since transitioned back to a pure muscle building phase, and with the new training & diet program Dave has assigned me, I have been able to start gaining more muscle without the fat gain you would typically expect
Dave is constantly available for feedback and advice, and he continues to make adjustments to my plan based on how my body is responding”
Ben Riley
Online Coaching Client - Sports Coaching
Weight Loss transformation
“I have never been one for exercise and fitness goals. But since enlisting David’s as my help as my Online Coach, I have not looked back. Although I still have some way to go to complete my goals, I am well on my way to smashing them. I have already lost 30lbs of weight!

David has taught me so much regarding exercise and nutrition, which has enabled me to lose weight and start toning up in a healthy and sustainable way. I am watching my body change in response to this day by day!

As someone with PCOS and hyper-mobility, losing weight is no easy feat, but David has been fantastic at adapting my health and fitness regime to enable me to start meeting my goals . He has been there to push me and motivate me the whole way through, providing me with support that has been second to none.”
Dr Rhamatalah DeSilva
Online Coaching Client - Weight Loss
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