Adele Weight Loss | Should it be Celebrated?

Adele Weight Loss 2020

Adele put up her first Instagram post of 2020 this week on her 32nd birthday, and the Internet went mad! Adele’s weight loss and the dramatic change in her appearance has sparked some controversy.

Is it fat-phobic to celebrate the star’s weight loss success story? Or should we use it as inspiration to show what motivation & determination to make a positive change can achieve? Lets look at some facts.


A quick google search tells us that Adele is 5ft 9, and having a look at some old images of Adele online, it’s clear from my experience that she was well over 230lbs (104kg) at points during her life.

Adele Obese

This puts her at a BMI of 35.5. Anything over 30 would be classified as clinically obese by a doctor!

Now lets look at just some of the medical conditions which have been linked to obesity:

  • Heat Disease
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Gout

So, should we celebrate it when a person is clinically obese? Or should being “comfortable in your own skin” and fear of “fat shaming” be a reason not to applaud her recent weight loss?

Adele Weight Loss

Looking at her latest picture’s, I would say that she is currently around 150lbs. That would now put her BMI at around 22. A perfectly healthy weight!

Adele Weight Loss

She did this through a combination of diet and exercise; which is the absolute best way to improve your health and body composition.

Has her risk of disease dropped? Yes! Does she feel better physically? Almost certainly.

In my opinion we should celebrate Adele’s weight loss, and be happy that one of the best loved musicians in a generation has done something positive for her health & well being!

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Dave Hoskins